About me

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What do I do?

I have been working in graphic design since graduating from art college in 2006. I have undertaken a range of work in that time, working for agencies, as an in-house designer and on a freelance basis. With that in mind, I am capable of working as part of a team or individually on solo projects.


My most recent work has been quite heavily weighted towards print design – I have produced a wide range of booklets, brochures, posters, flyers, infographics, banners, notepads, desk pads and branded merchandise.


Although the majority of my work is print related, I have also designed and developed a number of websites. I prefer to use the WordPress platform but I have also created static sites using html and I have even worked in Visual Studio.


I have designed logos for a range of clients from a vegan cafe to asset management software. I believe there is nothing worse than a low resolution logo so I always create logos using vector drawing software.


I love vector illustration. I believe that if a graphic can be a vector then it should be a vector. That way you benefit from the graphic being totally scalable without losing sharpness, which has useful applications in both web and print. You also generally end up with a smaller file size too.